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" All I can say is WOW! It is absolutely amazing. Express Screens are a very useful and wonderful business tool that any president or CEO involved in the hiring process would not want to go without. It also makes the process move more quickly - you know what you're in store for before the candidate walks through the door.""

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  • How do I find the top performers?
  • Why do just a small percentage of our salespeople produce most of our company's sales?
  • How can I tell the difference between those who Can Sell and those who WILL Sell?
  • How can I remove the subjectivity from my hiring process?
  • How do I really know if a salesperson will "make it"?
  • What can I do to help committed salespeople improvement in their performance?

If you find yourself struggling with any of these questions, you are not alone.

Hiring the Right People is Vital to Your Success

It is difficult to win the game with weak players.   For most business owners, Salespeople are the most difficult employees to hire.  Have you ever seen a Sales candidate with enough skill to convince you to hire them, but not enough of the “right stuff” to consistently perform in their new role with your organization?  If so, you have lots of company.   Many organizations either do not understand the skills, strengths and conditions that must be present in a candidate.  Many who do know some of these often do not have processes or the proper tools necessary to objectively assess these attributes.  As a result, they often wind up going with “their gut” and end up hiring the wrong people. 

Relying on intuition or other ineffective methods can cost a company a ton of time, energy, and money.  Effective, consistent sales organizations use an effective, consistent sales recruiting process.  The UnCommon Sense© Sales Recruiting Process will remove 95% of the subjectivity from your hiring decisions, resulting in much better hires, more revenue, less turnover and higher margins.  To ensure that the selected candidate is the correct fit, Z/Three will profile your organization first before evaluating any candidates.  Using a proprietary 6-step screening process and an on-line assessment, candidates will be screened to reveal strengths, weaknesses, incongruencies, ramp up time, blind-spots, trainability, and growth potential.  This screening process will also produce the right questions to ask during your interview.  You will know who is hirable and who WILL SELL. UnCommon Sense© can greatly improve your Sales and Sales Management hiring practices and consistently help you find the Top Performers.

The UnCommon Sense© Sales Recruiting Process, when coupled with the UnCommon Sense© Sales and Sales Management Processes, comprise the three legs that form the foundation for a high-powered, consistent, effective Sales Organization.  If you are seeking to Upgrade Your Sales Organization, are prepared to raise your expectations and are committed to do what it takes to succeed, call Z/Three today or contact us at GrowMySales@zthree.com.