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About Us : We et our sights high.


What leading companies are saying about Z|Three:

"As always, I really appreciate your almost “divine” help that continues to help me achieve my dreams."
- Dan Steinborn, President & CEO, PrintGlobe.com

"Your UnCommon Sense approach has transformed our Sales Force from mediocrity to excellence. This changed our bottom line from ugly red numbers to BIG black ones. I'm a believer!"
- Christine Beasley, General Manager, ThermoEpsilon

“DBI used Z|Three to help us with our search for top performing sales professionals. We are delighted with the results as our 2012 revenue grew 60%+ over 2011. Average transaction size increased from 100K to 350K. The Z|Three sales training program is excellent."
- Scott Hayes, Founder, DBI Software


"It has been a pleasure working with you. Your expensive but worth every penny!"
- Don Mooney, CEO, Nurse's Etc.

"I have leaned on and depended on ZThree for several years running.   The Uncommon-Sense Sales Process has helped our organization become more efficient at dealing with opportunities and has resulted in increased revenues.   In addition, the strategic planning meetings with ZThree have dramatically benefited our company’s performance.   I highly recommend them!!!"
- Director of Operations, SSC Inc.

“We were looking for a sales management system that reflected the way in which we thought sales should be done, built on relationships, not rates.  Working with Uncommon Sense and the team at Z3 has allowed us to automate our sales process and build systems to truly reflect where we are in the transaction, not a salesmen's view of the world.  This has enabled us to better forecast, plan resources and execute on more profitable sales vs. spinning our wheels on sales that do not make sense."
- Lou Manitzas, President, OneSource Financial Corporation

"You guys rock!!!"
- H. Cravey, COO, Four Hands Imports

"Your pushing for the 'No' is the most unique selling concept I have been introduced to in 40 years! It really boggled my mind. I went from 'no way' to that's 'THE WAY'!!"
- Dale Krebbs, Marketing Consultant, Mid-America Manufacturing Technology Center

“The Z three philosophy of ‘sales facilitator’ pulls together all of my gut feelings about how to address a prospect; helping the customer through the self-discovery of what they really want and need.  The mid-week sessions inspire me to finish the week strong!”
- Paul Sontag, Account Manager, Silicon Services Consortium

"I guess I don't have to tell you how much my folks enjoyed the session and how much we got out of it. We hit the ground running on Monday with renewed vigor. It was just super."
- Bert Neville, Director, Clear Channel Communications


What others have said about our Sales Profiles, Evaluations and the Recruiting Process:

"Since I have been following the (UnCommon Sense) interview, assessment, and panel interview steps, for those who make it past these stages, I am really seeing the value in the overall process that you have developed. This is good stuff!"
- Richard Youngman, VP Sales, Knight Security Systems

"More of our people are making more of their numbers more often, and I'm now growing at least twice the rate we were before . . . the bottom line is, we've got a much better handle on our operation."
- President, Environmental Services Company

"There was some initial doubt (about using OMG Screening products), but in less than two years, we've easily doubled our sales . . . our people are really getting it, and the investment is really paying off."
- President, Specialty Metal Distributor

"I've used other sales development techniques in the past, but none of them worked well because they all tried to change things in people without bothering to find out what, specifically, each individual needed to do to improve, or if they even belong in sales to begin with."
- District Manager, Sherwin Williams

"These evaluations are powerful stuff and not everybody's ready for it. But the people who use them, like we have, can really become successful."
- Sales Director, Enterprise Software Company

"The Sales Force Profile enabled me to understand where my team needed the most help in the development of their selling skills. Express Screens also provided me with a tool for determining whether or not I had the right people. My hiring efficiency has improved dramatically."
- VP Sales, Custom Retail Manufacturer

"Prior to working with your organization I had awful experience trying to recruit a professional who could talk finances with prospective customers and sell. Sure, I found people who were good at one or the other, but not both, so they were ineffective selling. Then everything changed when I adopted your systematic approaches to recruiting and developing people. Now I have a team of eight people who are constantly bringing in profitable, new, business!"
- Managing Partner, Financial Services Company

"All I can say is WOW! It is absolutely amazing. Express Screens are a very useful and wonderful business tool that any president or CEO involved in the hiring process would not want to go without. It also makes the process move more quickly - you know what you're in store for before the candidate walks through the door."
- President, Advertising and PR Agency

"...I interviewed her with the additional questions that the screening recommended to ask. It was almost incredible that she answered questions exactly like the screening said she would! It really adds some new light to interviewing!"
- General Manager, Electronics Manufacturer and Distributor

"I really like using the test. I've found the results of all the testing we've done so far to be quite valid. It makes my hiring process much better. And your process for advertising and interviewing is great! This is truly the single most important area of my job – hiring the right salespeople. And I'm getting better results than ever before."
- Director of Sales & Marketing, Construction Software Company

"I wanted to thank you very much for your help and insight into our hiring process for our IT sales position.... That system really helped me clarify what I was looking for in a sales professional, as well as, [gave] me objective parameters by which to judge. The system also enabled me to be in charge of the call and use my time wisely and efficiently. We are about to use your [Express Screen] in making our decision, that is the sales test. We have some great finalists and the decision will be tough, but I feel like we have a great procedure for selecting top candidates. You will see for yourself!  Thank you again, for all of your guidance."
- President, Technology Consulting Company

"I am amazed at how it works, and picks up the weaknesses, which during interviewing ring true. We tested 4 and interviewed 4 people and the test results are right on. Have 2 candidates for the capital equipment sales position and 1 for the account management position."
- VP Operations, Electronics Testing Company

"I hired a rep that your test did not recommend. Your test was accurate. My decision to hire (name withheld) was not a good one. I will start interviewing again and be using your test...."
- President, Laboratory Supply Company