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"There was some initial doubt (about using OMG Screening products), but in less than two years, we've easily doubled our sales...our people are really getting it, and the investment is really paying off."

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Post-Merger Sales Force Integration

Improve Your ROI

After the Honeymoon

The moment you announce a merger or acquisition, your competitors will look for opportunities to attack your vulnerabilities.  Like sharks, they will likely smell blood in the water.  Your customers and best talent will become targets.  Your customers may be confused and concerned. Your sales force could easily lose focus, and many of your
top revenue generators may start looking for new jobs with less uncertainty.

Post-Merger Companies ARE Vulnerable

Without a doubt, mergers and acquisitions can create a perilous time for those responsible for sales and revenue growth.  It’s one of the key reasons so many deals fail to achieve planned objectives.  Revenue drop-off is difficult to overcome.  Deloitte & Touche has determined that in certain scenarios, missing revenue synergies by 10% can require a 40% increase in cost synergies to balance the P&L impact.  But even a 40% increase in cost synergies might not be enough to satisfy market expectations for future growth and earnings.  In short, your bottom line and future can be in serious danger, perhaps even beyond your ability to recover.  

Hidden Costs

There are dozens of factors that contribute to increases and decreases in Sales Costs (and Production) before, during, and (especially) after a new merger.  Many of these seem apparent and are sometimes visible.   Most of the ones with the largest effect can be completely hidden from view.  An objective assessment of the newly merged organization can offer incredible value.

Post - Merger Factors That Contribute to Lost Revenues, Lost Customers, Lost Talent and Lost PROFITS:


  • Contrasting Sales Cultures
  • Contrasting Sales Models
  • Contrasting Sales Approaches
  • Contrasting Sales Strategies
  • Contrasting Sales Processes
  • Contrasting Recruiting & Hiring Processes
  • Organizational Misalignment
  • Unrealistic Forecasts based upon Subjective Optimism
  • Lack of Competencies (not enough Hunters or Farmers or Qualifiers…)

ALL these organizational death-traps can be easily and objectively avoided and prevented.  The sooner you conduct an assessment of the newly-merged entity, the greater positive impact you will see in your bottom line.