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You Cannot Fix What You Cannot See!

We all know the importance of getting regular health physicals.  A good doctor would never dream of beginning treatment or doing surgery on a patient without first checking vital signs and conducting a battery of the appropriate diagnostic tests.  These may be as simple as testing blood pressure or cholesterol, or might involve more sophisticated investigations such as X-Rays, MRIs, or EKGs.   High performance athletes work with trainers to assess those critical attributes that must be improved in order to get them to the next level.

Forward-thinking owners and CEOs are continually seeking to improve their companies, to build consistent & profitable growth, to increase valuations, and to reduce stress.  They seek to build a strong and healthy organization that will execute successfully whether they are in the office or on extended vacation.   Without the aid of powerful business and personal diagnostics, an owner will be exposed to extreme vulnerability by virtue of limitations and blind spots.  The ability to see these limitations clearly permits a business leader to capitalize on personal and organizational strengths and to eliminate weaknesses.   They are able to lead and manage their business with the confidence that their decisions are correct, rather than guessing.   ZThree has assembled a suite of the most essential and effective diagnostic and assessment tools required to run your business and life in order to maximize performance and to generate greater wealth, health and happiness.

Some of the most powerful assessment tools in existence…

Operational — The TAB Business Vantage®

Financial — The Z3 Financial ScoreCard

Sales — Pre-Hire Candidate Assessments, Employee Evaluations, Management Overview & Executive Summary.

Management & Leadership — Behavioral and 360 Degree Feedback Assessments

Communication — DISC and Insights Personal Style Assessments

Organizational — Risk Factor Analysis, Business Vantage Executive

Personal — PIAV (Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values)

The CEO® ToolKit — Comprehensive Business Planning and Assessment Portfolio