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Performance Essentials

Brian Smith

Vinovation, Inc.

"Since joining TAB, I have relied on my Board and Facilitator to help me in every major decision process in my business.  What a major difference it has made in giving me the assurance and confidence I needed in turning the Company to profitability and renewed growth.  I simply couldn't have reached this level of success without my TAB advisors and, quite frankly, our company would not have survived. "

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Cultural Alignment

Get the WHOLE Picture

Address the tangible AND intangible performance factors.  The issues and opportunities that have the largest effect to an organization’s profits (or losses) are often not reflected on the spreadsheets that comprise financial statements.  They are typically HIDDEN from view and exist BETWEEN the lines.  Great Leaders have a keen awareness of these hidden opportunities and use them to dramatically increase Performance and Results.   

The key to closing the Performance Gap is aligning vital strategic elements with essential human elements. Z/Three focuses on achieving alignment within the following three areas:

  • Direction
  • Organizational Design
  • Engagement

Performance Alignment











Once a firm’s strategic plan has been developed, the process of alignment begins with an analysis of several elements of your organization.
Z/Three helps align human elements with the strategic direction of a client company by designing customized interventions and by providing tools and methodologies in areas such as:

  • Organizational and HR Planning
  • Staffing and Selection Systems
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Development Systems
  • Individual and Team Recognition Systems

Z/Three employs a wide variety of tools and methodologies necessary to help organizations implement their strategic plans, including:

  • Organizational and Human Resource Planning
  • Cultural Assessments
  • Employee Surveys
  • Core Competency Identification

These tools and methodologies have been implemented in a wide diversity of organizations and have resulted in significant improvement in the organization’s ability to quickly follow the strategic plan to optimal success.