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Client Testimonials

Jeff Matson


Vibes Technologies


“Becoming a member of TAB has been very beneficial to me. It gives me an outlet of peers who I can take any business issue to, discuss openly, and get unbiased feedback. What I receive from the other members is truly in my best interest—they have nothing to gain from any advice they give. TAB Board meetings facilitate open discussion on the trials and tribulations of being at the top of an organization—we relate to each other. It's definitely worth the cost, time and effort.”


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Who's in TAB

A Powerful Family of Powerful Leaders


Have you ever been at a neighborhood party, family gathering or social event and heard someone say "Well, he (or she) owns his own business." in a tone that implies that your business ownership fixes everything? Did you grin at their naivety, while at the same time feeling just a little bit proud of their envy?


If so, you may qualify for The Alternative Board-TAB®.


Business Owners are very special people.


TAB members are Business Owners, Presidents, CEOs and Managing Partners who operate successful businesses. Their companies consistently outperform their competitors. They are the best of the best. They became the best by virtue of their commitment to learning, to leading, to self-awareness and to continuous improvement.


TAB members are Leaders who are committed to improving their businesses and improving their lives.


TAB members Win. In order to become part of the TAB Family, an applicant must either be a winner or have an unconditional commitment to rapidly become a winner.


TAB members understand that today’s successful business owner must lead, follow or get out of the way. They also understand that no single individual knows everything. They know TAB membership provides them with tremendous competitive advantage.


TAB members know that "You don't know what you don't know."


TAB-Austin is a family of the most productive, collaborative and forward-thinking business owners, experts, leaders, managers, coaches and consultants in Texas.


The average TAB Board has over 150 years of business experience. TAB-Austin is the world’s premier peer learning organization. But TAB is about much more than peer learning and executive coaching. TAB’s professionally facilitated peer boards are just one of many extremely powerful tools available from TAB-Austin used to accelerate an entrepreneur’s personal and business performance.


For more detailed information, visit the Programs or Benefits sections, or call 512-331-1TAB and ask to speak to a Certified TAB Facilitator-Coach.