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Are you Self-Employed, or are you a Business Owner?

August 15th, 2013


There are only two ways to (legally) earn a living:

  • You can be EMPLOYED
  • You can be an ENTREPRENEUR

There are two types of entrepreneurs:


I have worked closely with many hundreds of entrepreneurs, and I have interviewed thousands of CEOs and Presidents.  When we first meet and I ask them what they do, most tell me they own a business.  However, most of them do NOT own a business.  They are self-employed:

Do you really own your business?

Which type of entrepreneur are you?                                                                       


Your business cannot run or sustain without you.

You are likely the chief cook and bottle washer.

You are tethered to working IN the business.

You spend a good percentage of your time putting out fires.

You are seeking survival and hoping that you will achieve your sales/profit goals.

If you happen to a vacation, it consists of  emails, office check-in and business texts.

The business is virtually worthless without you.

The business owns you.

Business Owner

The business runs equally well with or without you.

You have the freedom to work if and when you wish to work.

You typically work ON, versus IN, your business.

Your company plans its work and works its plan.

Your sales and marketing processes deliver consistent, predictable sales results

You vacation often and peacefully go off-the-grid to recharge and refresh.

Your business has tangible, intrinsic value with or without you.

You own the business.

The more your business needs you, the less your business is worth.

I understand that some entrepreneurs do CHOOSE to be self employed. Some people absolutely love to develop software, prepare wonderful meals, or design buildings. They start their business not to build value or lead, but so they can do work they love to do.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs start their businesses hoping to become Business Owners, yet never achieve their dream.  I love entrepreneurs, so this saddens me.

I founded my company 15 years ago to help entrepreneurs find personal FREEDOM.  Freedom Through Results, Results Through Responsibility.

Achieving Entrepreneurial Freedom and transforming from being Self-Employed to being a Business Owner certainly does not happen overnight.  Be that as it may, the transformation is entirely formulaic.

Business owners come in many different shape and sizes.  They vary dramatically with regard to levels of intelligence, skill, education, technical competency, leadership ability, etc, etc. etc.

However, they all share one trait.  All entrepreneurs that propel beyond being self -employed into the ranks of true business ownership and the freedom that accompanies it possess an Unconditional

The good news is that unconditional commitment is a choice.

The rest is up to you.

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