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You won’t hear a Consistently Successful CEO say this

March 31st, 2021

Over the last 25 years, I’ve had the honor and privilege of helping over 1000 entrepreneurs become better CEOs.  Many of these business owners are among the most successful in their respective industries. 

Entrepreneurs often ask me “What is the biggest difference between successful owners and those who constantly struggle?” 

While I don’t think the answer to this question is an easy one, many patterns become obvious.  Simply, CEOs who consistently succeed behave differently than most.   

Many studies tell us that our beliefs drive our actions and that our actions drive results.  We also know that the language we use has a huge effect our beliefs.  In other words, if we wish to transform our results, we must transform our language.   This is relatively simple to do. 

Interestingly, there is one comment that I rarely, if ever, hear emerge from the mouths of super-successful CEOs.   The best entrepreneurs understand that success is derived from using their precious time, money and resources effectively and efficiently.   They know it is crucial to prioritize, so do not allow the tyranny of the urgent prevent them from executing their most important activities.  Consequently, you will not hear a consistently successful CEO say… 

  “I don’t have time”     

Great leaders understand that this type of victim-speak can torpedo a CEO’s performance before they leave the gate.  Unfortunately, I hear the phrase frequently from owners who are constantly struggling to keep their head above water. 

Instead of using self-destructive phrases like “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have time”, top performing CEOs use different language.  They say things like…: 

·         We ALL have 24 hours in a day, so I DO have time. 

·         I can do anything, but I can’t do everything (and that’s OK!) 

·         I choose to invest my time in the most impactful way possible, aligned with my vision and goals. 

·         In order to “get” more time to do the things that are most important, I must Delegate, Automate, or Eliminate. 

·         I will re-prioritize to make time for any endeavor that will support my growth and goals. 

·         I refuse to work on activities that are below my pay-grade! 

·         I am in complete control of my choices and of how I choose to invest my time. 

How does your language stack up? 

Are you allowing events and activities to control you, or are you flying this plane? 

Do you have a tough time delegating or eliminating, and if so, what are you doing about it today?

Changing your language is one of the simplest ways to improve your performance. 

If you are struggling to do so, there is plenty of help is available.   Get some now, and please don’t say “I don’t have time”

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